I provide substantive editing (content and organization) and copyediting (grammar and wording), with a focus on scientific journal articles written by non-native English speakers. I help authors improve their chances of being published in peer-reviewed journals by ensuring that their ideas are expressed clearly and effectively, without changing the scientific interpretation of the data.

English has become the common language of science and scientific publication, which can be an obstacle to scientists whose native tongue is not English. Journals typically receive far more manuscripts than they can publish, and many can no longer afford the luxury of doing extensive grammatical editing themselves. Thus, even if a manuscript has scientific merit, it is likely to be rejected if it is not well written and without errors.

If writing in English is not one of your strengths, I can improve your manuscript before you submit it for publication and greatly increase your chances of acceptance. You have worked hard to produce your research results, and you want to communicate them as effectively as possible.

Don’t let awkward language keep readers or reviewers from understanding your findings! Contact me today for editing expertise that will let your ideas shine through with clarity and strength.