My clients have included researchers from countries around the world, such as Brazil, China, Denmark, Finland, France, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, and the United States. Their work has been published in a wide range of journals, including top publication in several fields. Most of my work involves manuscripts intended for submission to journals, but I will also gladly edit academic theses, book chapters, grant applications, and referees’ reports and rebuttals.


“Ms. Kuhnell is one of the best editors that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She has a keen eye, and a special talent for making complicated technical information understandable and accessible. Her work is always excellent, and she has never missed a single deadline. I give her my strongest possible recommendation!”
NB, American University

“I have been collaborating with Ms. Kuhnell since 2012 on various projects, mainly manuscripts and grant preparations. Ms. Kuhnell is extremely diligent in her work, and she is specially very competent in working with complex academic documents and of course other forms of writing. Her edits are thoughtful and thorough while maintaining meaning and content. She has ALWAYS been timely in the several years of our collaboration. It is a great pleasure to work with Ms. Kuhnell, and collaborating with her has significantly benefitted our lab’s productivity.”
RZ, Cornell University

“I have been working with Melissa for the past nine years, and I can attest that she has all the traits of an ideal editor. She is meticulous, conscientious, thorough, and reliable. As evidenced by the quality of her editing, Melissa is knowledgeable and possesses strong attention-to-detail skills. Most important, Melissa is always attentive to the client’s needs and is a pleasure to work with.”
HD, Managing Editor of Exceptional English

“Thank you for your wonderful job on editing this paper. It came back [from the reviewers] with the most trivial changes. You put us ahead of the game in this rushed special issue. I think we will make it to publication. Thank you again.”
AH, Texas A&M University

“The copy editing was superb. I owe someone flowers or a bottle of whiskey. I recognize technical talent when I see it.”
FH, Washington, DC

“Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on our document. I truly appreciate it!”
BB, Sweden

“The journal told me to find someone with English [as a] first language to help my manuscript. After your work, it was quickly accepted and published. I appreciate your help and want to work with you again!”
JL, China

“It was a great pleasure working with you. Thanks to your great editing work, I was able to submit the paper to the journal last week.”
TO, Japan