I charge 7 cents (U.S.) per word, a competitive rate that is commensurate with my level of experience. Manuscripts that require unusually heavy editing may be billed at a higher rate. Repeated edits of a manuscript are billed at a lower, negotiable rate, depending on how much the document has changed between edits.

For an average-length journal article (2,000-5,000 words), I can generally get the manuscript back to you in 3-5 days. Faster delivery is usually available for an additional fee.

I accept payment in U.S. dollars via PayPal (electronic transfers from bank accounts or credit cards) or, in the case of an ongoing working relationship, by bank transfer.


I will not share your contact information or disclose any confidential information, including the contents of unpublished documents, without your prior written permission.


Use of any editing service cannot guarantee the acceptance of your manuscript by a journal. However, if your paper is rejected by your journal for English language errors after I edit it (assuming you have made no significant changes before submission), I will re-edit your document for free.