My goal is to make your document more readable—so you can communicate your findings more clearly—while being careful not to change your original meaning in any way.

I will make sure that your paper has no errors of grammar or punctuation and that the word choices and phrasing sound natural to a native English speaker. I will help you eliminate unnecessary jargon, ensure consistency throughout the paper, remove redundancies, and make sure that your points are clear and understandable. I can also format the abstract, text, references, tables, and figure legends to conform to a journal’s instructions.

After returning my changes for your review, I will be available to answer any questions you may have about my edits, and I will work with you to address any remaining issues in the edited text.

Content Areas

I specialize in the natural and social sciences and have experience in the following areas:

Biology—cell biology, developmental biology, ecology, environmental sciences, genetics, molecular biology, neuroscience, plant science, zoology

Chemistry—applied chemistry, biochemistry, general chemistry, materials science, nanomaterials, organic chemistry

Medicine—clinical medicine, physical therapy, public health, surgery

Social Sciences—architecture and evidence-based design, education, foreign policy, linguistics, psychology, sociology