em-1As a child, I was bored to tears when my father—an amateur photographer—posed me for hundreds of portraits or insisted on spending hours on the beach during vacations trying to capture the perfect sunset. As an adult, I finally understood when he gave me his old Minolta SLR camera, and I caught the photography bug myself.

I love the immediacy of photographs, the way they can take you somewhere you’ve never been or show you something familiar in a whole new way. When I’m taking pictures, I love the challenge of distilling a three-dimensional experience into a two-dimensional image, of finding that tell-tale detail that conveys the larger whole. From Asian street markets to Alpine meadows to vibrant and historic cities, photography encourages me to look at things closely. It lets me capture interesting places or moments and share them with others.

chris-4Besides photography, my great love is travel. Several years ago, my wife and I sold our house and most of our possessions, and we now freelance from the road, allowing us to explore to our hearts’ content. So far, I have visited 26 countries, in Europe, North and Central America, and Southeast Asia. You can follow along with my travels—and see more photos—at The Slow Road.

Other creative pursuits I enjoy are cooking, sketching, and watercolor painting. Maybe they appeal to me because, like photography, they involve closely observing and mixing different elements to create something beautiful and new.