Your manuscript needs to be word perfect before you send it to a journal for publication. I’m Melissa, a science editor with 17 years of experience, and I can help!

Don’t really on a giant agency of anonymous editors—your articles deserve a personal touch!

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Why hire an editor?

Get Published

Journals typically receive far more manuscripts than they can publish, and many can no longer afford the luxury of doing extensive grammatical editing themselves. Thus, even if a manuscript has scientific merit, it is likely to be rejected if it is poorly written.

Perfect Grammar

You have worked hard to produce your research results, and you want to communicate them as effectively as possible. Don’t let awkward grammar, spelling, word usage, or organization keep readers or reviewers from understanding your important findings.

English Language

English has become the common language of science and scientific publication, which can be an obstacle to scientists whose native tongue is not English. If writing in English is not one of your strengths, I can improve your manuscript before you submit it for publication and greatly increase your chances of acceptance.

About Me

I am a detail-oriented person with a creative streak and 17 years of experience in editing of all sorts, ranging from basic proofreading to substantive editing that optimizes clarity, organization, and flow.

I enjoy working with non-native speakers; my extensive travels abroad have made me particularly sensitive to the challenges they face in English-language communication.

I have worked with both authors and publishers on articles in various medical and bioscience fields including neurology, molecular biology, and biochemistry.


I have been collaborating with Ms. Kuhnell since 2012 on manuscript and grant preparations. She is extremely diligent in her work and is especially competent in working with complex academic documents. Her edits are thoughtful and thorough while maintaining meaning and content.  It is a great pleasure to work with Ms. Kuhnell and collaborating with her has  significantly benefitted out lab’s productivity.

– R.Z., Cornell University

Ms. Kuhnell is one of the best editors that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  She has a keen eye, and a special talent for making complicated technical information understandable and accessible.  Her work is always excellent, and she has never missed a single deadline.  I give her my strongest possible recommendation!

– N.B., Johns Hopkins University

Let me polish your writing and help you get your research published